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Guided Rituals FAQ

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are only offered in the event of an error on our part. If you believe we have committed an error, please contact us at, so we can sort that out for you.


Can I exchange a ritual if I change my mind?

At this time, we can't offer exchanges. We work with multiple practitioners who perform specific rituals, so if you have already booked and paid for a service then those funds go directly to the practitioner. We would only make exceptions to this in the event of an emergency. If you find yourself in an emergency situation please let us know within a week after your appointment at, so we can get you rescheduled!


How do I know any of this is legit? 

According to various states' laws, we are obligated to advise you that all of our services are solely for entertainment purposes, only. What you make of them is completely up to you. 


How do I know which ritual to book? 

Read the description of the different services and see which one fits your needs. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, and we also offer magickal consultation services if you still need additional guidance. 


Can you guarantee the ritual will work?

Absolutely not. But we can guarantee that you will meet a practitioner who has dedicated our life to this work, and that we continue researching, and learning so we can provide you with the most relevant knowledge available. You’re paying for guidance from an expert on how to address your problem spiritually, and that is just what you will receive. There are an infinite number of variables that can affect a ritual's success, so we can't guarantee exact results.

Why can't I just pay you to perform the ritual for me? 

Many reasons. To begin with, there are far too many scammers and fakes who exploit the spiritual community, leading us to wonder, if is it even ethical to perform rituals for money anyway, so we want to shy away from this and lean more toward helping you find your magick within. Furthermore, we believe that each person has equal ability to perform rituals to manifest their own desires. As we have the expertise, but you have the desire to see your situation resolved, it makes sense if we offer you the expertise that you should also have the same success.

Can I book a service for a friend?

We would advise that you purchase a gift card, so that they will have the freedom to choose the reading they feel the most drawn to as well as the time slot that is most convenient for them. Additionally, depending on the ritual or service we request info that is used to generate reports and needs to be 100% accurate.

Do you do custom-designed readings and services? 

Yes, simply email us with your custom request at We would be happy to assist you!

Can custom-designed readings or services be returned? 

The only way we could accept a return on a custom reading or service is if it is somehow defective or arrives at least 5 business days after the estimated shipping window.

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