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Skull Zodiac Candle
  • Skull Zodiac Candle


    "While stubborn and suspicious of change, the fixed earth sign also provides a much-needed stability to the zodiac. The tenacious bull works hard and plays harder - a connoisseur of the finer things life has to offer, experiencing life with all the senses. Despite being generally easy-going and patient, it’s best to stand clear once their temper has been provoked."


    With an infusion of rosemary and basil, this Taurus candle helps you to be more gentle with yourself and welcoming of change.


    In ancient Egypt, the Scorpion God was known as the protector with a dark side. As a Scorpio you are passionate, persistent, fearless, and intuitive 🦂

    This Scorpio candle is meant to strengthen, protect, and awaken your passions. During Scorpio season, it will help you to embrace change through the power of your own inner magic while letting go all that is not meant for you ✨

    Contains basil, rosemary, frankincense, bay leaf, anointing oil.
    *smells like the forbidden wisdom of an ancient apple*

    Burn for grounding, alignment, mental clarity, protection, and manifestation 🕯️


    Crystal in the left eye for manifestation: *randomized*


    All items are customizable and made to order. Please specify which Zodiac sign you'd like. If no specification is made we will select at random.


    Please allow 3-7 business days for processing & an additional 7-10 business days for express shipping or 10-14 business days for standard shipping. 

    Items are hand made in belize and enchanted with love! Please cleanse and charge in the next full moon upon receiving your treasures! 

    Expedited shipping is available upon request for an additional fee.

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