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Tarot & Oracle Readings by
The Emperor's Word

Welcome! I am The Emperor. An intuitive tarot reader. My unique style of reading is non-judgmental, spiritually focused, and mixed in with the harsh truths. My responsibility to you is to always be authentic. I am here to offer guidance and clarity in whatever situation you find yourself faced with.

My only purpose is to bring clarity to your situation when you are open and ready to receive the messages that are hidden in plain sight. I am not here to make you a believer, but to help you recognize what you've always known.

I have a special connection to my Spirit Guides through my intuition and I channel messages specifically for you.

Cancelation Policy

All sales on divination service are final. NO REFUNDS. Once your reading is booked you will receive your reading within 48-72 hrs depending on scheduling at the time of booking (weekend does NOT apply). If you are unable to wait the 48-72 hrs, feel free to schedule an emergency reading.

The Emperors Word Logo- Depicts two feminine hands with red nails with eyes in the palms on a purple background with gold geometric sigil. Reads: The Emperor's Word- Intuitive Reading.
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