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Tarot reader performing tarot reading.

Divination Services

Bazaar Mystik is a global online marketplace of divine wisdom and knowledge. With a network of multiple divinators providing an array of services, we provide spiritual guidance and divination services to customers from all corners of the world. Discover the magic of our readings and uncover the secrets of the Universe. Tap into your divine power!

three card Tarot spread.

Tarot & Oracle Readings

Our readers offer a range of tarot and oracle readings to assist you with gaining clarity, understanding your journey, and providing guidance. Whether you need an Emergency Reading, a General Reading, an In-depth Love Reading, a Yes/No Question via Tarot Cards, or a Quick Pull, you can find all of these services starting at just $22 for a Quick Pull with prices escalating for more detailed readings.

Pendulum dowsing

Utilizing the pendulum creatively, Wandering Weed Witch helps uncover answers and clarity along your spiritual growth and development path. We provide reliable and insightful readings giving you access to spiritual and material insight, helping you make informed decisions in both realms. By tapping into the power of the pendulum, you can find the answers you seek and receive valuable guidance from the Universe.

Pendulum Dowsing

Bone casting mat, bone readings

Bone Casting

Throwing the bones is an ancient form of divination found in various cultures throughout history. Since no two sets of bones are alike & each throw creates its own unique combination, no two readers will interpret them in the same way- meaning infinite ways to divine their meaning. Osteomancy is highly intuitive & relies on instinctive interpretation. Wandering Weed Witch combines traditional methods with modern spiritual practices to divine the ancient wisdom of the bones. Let us help you unlock secrets of the universe hidden within the bones!

three burning candles

At Wandering Weed Witch, we provide insight and guidance to our customers through the art of Ceromancy - the interpretation of wax left from burning ritual candles & libomancy- divination using smoke or ash from incense. With our unmatched intuition and expertise, we can help you gain clarity and insight into your life, decisions, and future. Get this service remotely, or as an add-on to any one of our guided rituals. 

Ceromancy & Libanomancy

Astrology board.

Wandering Weed Witch offers personalized astrology reports that are beautifully crafted to give the insights you need about yourself and the world around you. If you're looking for an in-depth astrology report that's tailored to best suit you and your unique needs, We provide a detailed written report via digital copy in either a PDF or your own private link, all of which can be provided for your convenience. 

Astrology Reports

Raven with night sky background.

Wandering Weed Witch offers Zoomancy services to provide personalized interpretations of the omens in nature and help you navigate your journey with greater clarity and understanding. This allows you to connect with nature and gain unique insights into yourself and your environment. Simply submit questions or photos or videos of wondrous nature phenomena you observe, and I will provide in-depth interpretations and advice.



Coming soon!

Palm reading


Wandering Weed Witch offers a unique take on the ancient art of palmistry. Through this ancient art, we help our clients gain insight into themselves and their lives. Our goal is to guide them on their journey of self-discovery, helping them understand their inherent power and potential. Our services are tailored to each individual, to provide them with an understanding of their past, present, and future. We also provide guidance on how to move forward on their path with confidence and clarity. With us, you will be empowered to create the life you have always dreamed of.

numerology report

At Wandering Weed Witch, we are committed to helping people unlock their life’s path and unlock their true potential through the power of numerology. We apply our knowledge of numerology to provide you with personal readings that will help you to understand your personality, how to best cope with life’s challenges, and how to move forward with meaning and purpose.

We provide a safe and welcoming environment for you to explore your spiritual journey and discover the hidden truths of your life’s path.  By understanding the power of numbers, we can gain insight into ourselves and our destiny, and use it as a tool to make positive changes in our lives.


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