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Guided Rituals

Bazaar Mystik offers you a unique way to manifest your intentions. Through our personalized and guided rituals, we will partner with you on your path to achieving your goals, whether on your own or with a group. Let us help you bring your intentions to life!

Prosperity & Abundance Ritual

Our specially crafted Prosperity and Abundance Ritual provides you with the tools and practices needed to unleash your inner power and open yourself up to the wealth and abundance you deserve.

Cord-Cutting Ritual

Whether you’re looking to clear out a toxic relationship, break an old habit, or just learn how to move on from the past, we can help you reclaim your power and manifest a more positive future. Through our powerful and transformative Cord-Cutting Rituals, we provide a safe space for individuals to work through difficult emotions and release people, situations, and thought patterns that no longer serve them. Our goal is to empower people to live a life of freedom, authenticity, and joy. We believe in harnessing the power of intention and the healing properties of plant medicine to help you create the life you deserve.

Return-to-Sender Ritual

We provide personalized and powerful services to send unwanted energies and energies from past experiences back to their place of origin, to be healed and resolved.

Ritual Energy Cleanse

With our powerful and tailored cleansing sessions, you can experience deep personal transformation and shed the tired, stagnant energy keeping you from your true potential. Let Bazaar Mystik guide you and witness the magical renewal of your energetic spirit.

Good Luck Ritual

Bazaar Mystik offers a wide range of good luck rituals to help manifest success and abundance in any aspect of life. From candle spells to crystal pouches and herbal sachets, the experienced and intuitive Witch can customize the perfect ritual to bring in the luck and good fortune you seek.

Protection Ritual

We are committed to providing sacred, natural, and magickal protection services. Our experienced team of ritualists use the power of herbs, oils, crystals, and other intuitive magic to create a unique, personalized experience tailored to each person's individual needs.

Anti-Stress Ritual

Bazaar Mystik provides a luxurious Anti-Stress Ritual to help clients relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect. Our services involve intense, crystals, essential oils, music, and a guided meditation meant to help you unwind and destress.


Bazaar Mystik offers a unique approach to warding and protecting your home, possessions, and loved ones. With their experienced warders, they are able to create custom protections, tailored to fit the individual needs and preferences of each client.

Solomonic Group Rituals

The Emperor's Word offers authentic and powerful Solomonic Group Rituals that blend ancient and modern techniques to manifest your desires with ease and speed using Solomonic Magick. Our services will help you gain clarity, focus, and abundance as you bring your dreams to life.

Self-Love Ritual

Bazaar Mystik offers empowering self-love rituals to help you love yourself like you deserve and free yourself from negative thought patterns. Through creative and intentional practices, you can reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit.

Banishing Ritual

We provide banishing rituals that harness the power of nature to clear negative energies and create positive change. From cleansing spaces to seeking out helpful plant spirits, Bazaar Mystik is your one-stop shop for access to the spiritual realm.

Peace & Happiness Ritual

Bazaar Mystik offers top-tier Peace & Happinesrituals to help rid your life of unwanted energy and obstacles. Led by our experienced witch, we specialize in helping individuals and families to break away from negative energy and experiences, leaving a feeling of peace, clarity, and protection in your life.

Peaceful Sleep Ritual

We offer a Peaceful Sleep Ritual that soothes the spirit, calms the soul, and nourishes the body. At the core of this ritual are holistic, plant-based products designed to help you enjoy a deep, restful sleep and awaken with a peaceful heart and an energized mind.

Tranquil Home Ritual

Our Tranquil Home Rituals to help you connect with your sacred space. Our team of experienced witches is dedicated to helping you create a home that elevates your spirit, tranquility, and connection with the universe.

Productivity & Focus Ritual

This Productivity and Focus Ritual helps unleash your creative and productive powers. Through our unique rituals and guided meditations, you'll learn how to identify the thoughts and feelings that are blocking your productivity and get rid of them for good. Get ready to feel more focused and productive with Bazaar Mystik!

Money Bowl Ritual

We offer powerful Money Bowl Rituals that can help bring abundance and financial stability into your life. Unlock the secrets to abundance and lasting prosperity with the help of this powerful ritual, and start preparing for a more financially secure future today.

Road-Opener Ritual

The Emperor's Word Road-Opener Ritual is designed to remove the blocks in your life and help you open up to new experiences and opportunities. It is a personalized ritual that is arranged and performed according to the specific requests and needs of each individual.

Sigil Creation & Activation

Welcome to your one-stop shop for Sigil Creation and Activation. Receive tailored, powerful sigil designs and intent-powered activation rituals to help you create the life you want. Let Bazaar Mystik help you access the powerful energies of sigil magick.

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